Bohemian Bridal Romance | Lace and Flowers

Lift your wedding photos to a higher level with pretty and uniquely fashionable springy ~ summery fresh flower head wreaths and a gorgeous lacey veil. And you really don’t have to spend that much! The veil and headpiece frames the face beautifully while also emphasizing the eyes.

So it was with my experience that i created for a bride for one of my bridal~boudoir photo sessions. I went to Allyn’s, soon to move from Cherry Creek, and found 6 yards of a gorgeous floral swiss lace pattern. I spent under $100. I wanted my veil to have a lot of character and for the beautiful lacey pattern and texture to show up nicely in her boudoir photos. Many veils appear almost translucent in photography. I prefer to show lots of texture in my images that nicely frames the curve of the jawline, face and hair. I also chose a separate beaded border with a scalloped out and curvey edges. I simply glued the beaded trim onto the edge of the veil.  Easy!

Next, I found some delicate, beautiful fresh rose buds to use for the head wreath for about $20 at Whole Foods. All that i needed to assemble the head wreath was a piece of wire which is sold in rolls at Joanne’s Fabrics, wire cutters, green floral tape and floral wire. You can purchase wire that is covered with a hemp like material that naturally blends with the scalp. Just clip to head circumference and allow 2 extra inches to form an closed circle at one end and a c-shaped clasp like hook at the other end.


It takes some practice and an eye for balancing the colors and in developing the overall shape, but, after you make a few, ytriple lindsey images for web-1ou discover how to keep filling the wreath in with other flowers and berries or many other materials like beads. it’s unlimited! I also sometimes choose to create a cascading effect on one side of the crown which is very flattering and looks elegant swept down into the hair. Very pretty in your wedding photos, too! And amazingly, even the rose buds lasted several hours without water. it takes patience and at least an hour to make, so, it’s best to make it a few hours in advance of your wedding day.


amber and Lindsey_3748

Amber, my professional makeup and hair stylist, makes adjustments during the Bridal Boudoir Session.

Corset available at:

Swiss Lace with beaded,embroidered trim available at Alynn’s, Denver, Co:

Floral head piece made by the Studio of Amy Reinhold Photography and made fresh for clients

Makeup and Hair by Amber

Photography by Amy Reinhold Luxury Boudoir Portraits at, Denver Co


Denver Boudoir Photography | Beauty Of Women’s Rights

Today, as i was sorting through my email, I was so incredibly moved, stunned and touched by the story and image of the ten year old below. How grateful I should be and to never take one day for granted that I am free to pursue my goals and dreams today.

Just about all of us have had deep personal issues to resolve, and some of us, tougher battles to fight, but, as this example validates the  importance to claim one’s individual freedom under all circumstances, stages and life situations. Let us all be grateful that we have the liberty to live the way we choose.



Denver Boudoir Photography | Celebrate Who You Are

carissa_4049I know how it is to go to work day in and day out and not feel appreciated. I pushed my husband’s professional career every day by managing his well-respected medical practice.But what about me? My marriage ended in a disaster and divorce. All alone, no business, no husband and almost losing my home.

What does this have to do with boudoir photography? My job now as a boudoir photographer revitalized me and saved my life. My point is, you first have to love and respect yourself. This is not an over night process. It sometimes takes years of periods of trial and error and experimentation to learn about who you are and what makes you sing! Where do you want to go and do in your life?My work in helping women feel confident and beautiful about themselves is life-inforcing! So, I wanted to offer a “Name Your Own Price Shoots.” I am opening up my studio this winter – early spring for you to have an opportunity to name your own price for a session with me. Email me at what you are looking for in a shoot and what you want to pay. I will come back to you with a package that will hopefully work for both of us. All offers should be $395 or above. As a reference, my standard shoots start at $650 and include a 1 hr shoot, professional makeup and 10 fully edited digital images.I guarantee you that i will provide you with a fulfilling experience regardless of what you pay. In whatever you do, I encourage you, don’t be afraid of new experiences. Trust me, this is how you grow. Hugs to you,                                                                                                                                                               Amy


“Come On And Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

Just as Linda Rondstadt’s song goes, this is what I was up to in one of my most  fun and upbeat boudoir sessions with the very fit, health conscious and vivacious fitness trainer in Denver, Shasey.  In my photo-images, I wanted to bring out Shasey’s high energy  and no messing around attitude (complete with Everlast training gloves to put you in line if you don’t behave!) which she exudes in all of her fitness training sessions with her students, yet, at the same time, I wanted to show her softer inner beauty and more feminine softer side.

Shasey, fit in V Secret black lace

Shasey, fit in V Secret black lace


Shasey in V Secret lace against embroidered Ralph Lauren headboard

mirror w image 3_8516

Shasey, pretty in pink


Shasey, in David Yurman diamond necklace

It is important in all of my sessions to capture some essence or remanent of my client’s individuality and what makes them special.


All featured lingerie by;

Embroidered head board by; https//

Training gloves by; https//

Makeup and Hair by; Amber Martinez, Denver Colorado

All lingerie and accessories are available to borrow at time of session.

Amy Reinhold Photography, Denver Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is an attitude


Glamour Christine

Glamour Christine

What i mean is that your beauty can be uniquely photographed in other environments as well as the bedroom. For example, Christine, an accomplished horsewoman in the mid-west, asked me to create her glamour photo-session at her equestrian riding center.


Glamour Erica in daisey field

Glamour Erica in daisey field


Erica wanted a more natural and organic setting for her glamour session, so I suggested posing her in a field of wild daisies to compliment her floral dress and the unique look and feel that she wanted to create. Weeks ahead of her boudoir photo shoot, we met ahead at her pre-session consultation to carefully select her gauzy free-flowing prairie style slip dress and her silver Colorado western belt. We also met with the hair stylist who created a unique free flowing updo with cascading curls as well as planning her make-up.


2170 n bryant street Denver, CO

Vendor 1: Christine wears a leather Ralph Lauren jacket and jodfers


Vendor 2: Erica wears a floral prairie dress from Peruvian Connection, belt from Gorsuch, Colorado

Vendor 3:


Photography by Amy Reinhold | Specializing in Gorgeous Feminine Boudoir Portraiture

A Studio With A Skyline View

A Room With A View

Annie in front of the Denver Skyline


Annie in La Perla Black Lace


Welcome to my first Denver blog post! I’m excited to be here! I disproved my ex-husband’s admonition that ” I needed him more than he needed me.”  I picked up my mid-west boudoir studio and moved to Denver with my spotted, blind dalmatian, Nadia. We depend on each other! A huge leap in trust and belief in God and in His gifts that He has given to me, I moved forward and scrapped the stressful marriage, a necessary step which took me years to develop the courage and skills to make it happen.

 I took elegant boudoir portraits of Annie wearing fine lace couture lingerie by La Perle Lingerie and Wearing a smokey topaz David Yurman choker with matching diamond   earrings.

I look forward to growing with you and being blessed by having you in my life.

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me. I hope that I can meet you sometime in the future.

All the Best,

Amy :))